India – An Important Entity In The World Dynamics

India one of the biggest army & one of the largest growing economy is increasingly becoming one of the major player in world dynamics. India over the last couple of years have been working to develop strong economic partnership with Asian & western countries and moving forward with the Look East Policy.

To counter a growing China, India has been taking part in joint exercises with US, Japan & Australia for the last 5 years and deepening economic and strategic military ties with these countries. With a strong presence in the India Ocean which forms the majority of world’s oil trade route, India is bound to play a big role in maintaining world peace & security.

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The world is about to witness a change in order with China growing into a strong economy. The PLA military has seen an unprecedented growth over the last 2 decades which is a cause of worry for US. Under Modi India has been able to project itself as a strong guardian of world peace and formed many economic & technological partnership with countries like US, Israel, Japan.

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China’s rise presents a challenge along with an opportunity for India to engage them in a strong economic partnership constructively. It is also very important for India to form alliances & strong partnerships with other big economies to maintain its status as a strong player in the world order.

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