Indian, Pakistan & The Nuclear Risk

India & Pakistan both have a long history of border disputes and wars. Both the asian countries possess nuclear weapons and escalation in dispute could be dangerous for the peace of entire world. A nuclear war between these 2 countries will not only disturb the peace in South Asia but in the entire world. 

Both the countries have been involved in dialogues with many countries offering to mediate. However, the dispute can only be resolved when the two countries work on it together and Pakistan tries to reduce the terrorism generating from its soil.

Both the countries possess very strong defence forces. Pakistan has formed alliance with China, which has been helping Pakistan’s economy by building & investing in their infrastructure along with a strong aid in terms of latest weapons. India, on the other hand, with a non-alignment policy, have been involved in exercises with US, Japan & Australia to have a strong military bonding over disputes in South China sea.

A nuclear strike would leave long term effects on the population and area. Nothing can be more disastrous than a nuclear war. However, with India following the “No First Use” nuclear policy, the chances of a nuclear war between the two countries are very less. We hope that both the countries will avoid such a big risk which could change the dynamics & history of the world.

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