The Modernisation Of Indian Defence Forces

India after Narendra Modi took power India has been working hard to modernise its defence forces. The developments in India’s neighbourhood in the last couple of years have forced India to take a closer look at the inventory & preparedness off defence forces. However, the pace of modernisation have been slow due to lack of strong policies for private sector and the delay in concluding deals due to political inefficiency.

With that launch of “Make In India”, India has been trying hard to become self reliant in defence equipments and has been able to move things and gather support from private firms & foreign firms for technological support.

India really need to augment its air, ground and sea defence capabilities to meet the pace of a growing China. Under Modi’s leadership things look like moving in the right direction. There are several programs in progress for the 3 forces which would help them become self reliant as well as equip them with the latest technology.

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Some Of Major Modernisation Plans In Process :

  • Tejas has already been inducted and is being improved for large number induction.
  • Indigenous Attach Helicopter LCH in final stages of testing.
  • Vikrant aircraft carrier, Scorpene submarines and many other ships of various classes are under construction at various shipyards.
  • Pinaka extended range MBRL in final testing
  • Artillery upgrades – Indigenous Dhanush & Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)

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